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Once a day is often enough to feed a grown dog, though

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July 3d. — The boy has convalesced satisfactorily

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adapted to the rabbit. With such organisms as we have used, 100

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The case lately reported from Canada, of a small-pox

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In anaemia considerable but variable increase of the proportion of the

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Franz Ziehl, of Heidelberg. Friedliinder's description of these

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given; a 120-mg dose gave blood levels three times that of the 60-mg

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Considering in the next place that the aptitudes, intellectual faculties, and

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patient attempted, after the sixth day, to attend to her

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our peculiar care. Dr. Boerhaave used to say they were

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a dead-centre or a friction action, as commented on in

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of Harvard University. Applications should be made through the

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the advantage of being lower in price and entirely unobjectionable to the ethical

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Fismer lost 4 out of 97 patients from sixteen to thirty years of age ; for the

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Cancer, Consumption, Diphtheria, Hay Fever, Asthma, Catarrh, Influenza, Typhoid,

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lent and uncontrollable \ice, it is insanity, and not

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suit more mild or more severe cases, as follows: If for

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large amount of fluid blood, the pelvis was filled with clots, and the tube

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spleen. The liver is 1.5 cm. above the costal margin in the mid-

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6 and 9 hours respectively after the injection of 2 cc. of normal horse serum

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which the patrol wagons are equipped for ambulance use and are

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that a sensation of heat extends up the arm. In a minute or

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We are not aware that any further action was taken in