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to you the symptoms by which their presence may be recognised^ and

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With regard to Dr. Lind's practice in giving emetics,

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Medical Treatment for the Cure of Diseases. Edited by R. E. GRIFFITH, M. D. In one large

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to the disease — measures that had proved remarkably potent in the

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the reporting of all serious diseases and a limited state medical service.

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the general circulation, and simply increases the amount of toxins in the

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which was nearest to the place where the femur was broken ; but there ia

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any solid body pressing upon those vessels, as in the case of uterine or ovarian

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occurred in a greater percentage of salt solution than normal — 0.40 to

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to it as an unfit position for the location of troops, by

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wrote to us, than.;ing myself in, I fear, too flattering terms, for

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2. Abthlg. Stuttgart, Ebner und Seubert, 1856. — Niemeyer, Lehrbuch der

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entery, etc. Tabes is also a nervous after-disease.

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grass, two horses suddenly dropped down, throwing their riders

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vomiting in all her pregnancies, once or twice associ-

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nervous in character, it may be relieved by taking food, and

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are addressed to the profession. In this little work,

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" I have not seen the os uteri excised by the ecraseur, but having

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which up to the present have been commonly employed in England.

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inconvenience is of slight consequence, and need not be a cause of

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far as could be ascertained no bacteriological investigations have

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allowing it to cool and stand, it deposited a slight sediment, which,

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quent cause, and cases are mentioned bearing upon the association

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holding her he lifted her once or twice from the ground. An

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any solid body pressing upon those vessels, as in the case of uterine or ovarian

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n. Heart-complications were combated by blisters and poultices.

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value. Beef- tea made from Liebig Company's Extract of Meat

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contents of the pelvis, is permanently impaired. Sir Frank

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rotation continues on that axis, it is obvious that in overcoming

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great aiudety. It is right that she should do so. It

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numbers. The puffiness of the lids persisted until about the

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condition of affairs in typhoid, but in many instances such pain