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is increased peristalsis and hypersecretion. We have other reme-
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analysed, about the same number occur in each month (60).
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tients in the first week of the operation, but after one
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Prohibition of the marriage of those possessing socially
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be self-supporting and self-respecting members of society. (8)
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retroperitoneal mass was proved to be a large abscess which
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every one made a good recovery, and all were treated strictly in
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do his duty," — to which I add, in the arts of peace as well as
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After about one week this dressing was exchanged for an immovable
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line of greater liberality of choice in the medical curricu-
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cough may partially abate; often, however, the paroxysms increase in sever-
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from the tunica vaginalis, and exactly resembles that found in the
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those wanting further evidence will find it in my pub-
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lYl LLLi IN b Jr UUD is the best food for insufficiently fed nursing infants.
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medulla was flattened and the lateral ventricles distended, causing also
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initial velocity and flat trajectory cause "explosive effects"
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especially in regard to its origin and mode of propagation,
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been completed, the important question remains, can
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plaint, except that above mentioned. She has a family
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and jerking. This form of cerebral affection often passes into the
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B.A. 1969, Douglass College; M.D. 1973, University of
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gastric wall was brought out. A number of catgut sutures
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