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Ladies, summoned as witnesses, and made ill by their apprehensions. One

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side of all the great advances in surgery and medicine from

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Wlien the seton needle is removed, the ends of the tape should

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examinations. Approximately one third of the third year is spent in ambulatory care settings.

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in these cases that the digestive functions are sufficiently active to

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mouth of the uterus at the lower part of the tumor, as well as by the

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ness and 9 or 10 inches in depth, thoroughly secured

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disease of the heart, and other chronic affections, which predispose more or less to

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by M. CoiNDET, of Geneva, as a remedy, and almost a specific,

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It has been proposed to puncture small sacs throiigh the

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— The Indiana State Medical Society carries oflf the honors

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between the presence of intact fibers in the operated ventral

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and there is no doubt but that the priapism, following

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soon as the pain in making water had subsided, I gave the acetous

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But one day, when visiting her, I saw her rise from her seat to walk,

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drawing its life from a higher source, serve, on the removal of the

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atrophy of the kidneys, or with a complicated process.

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that we should have some idea as to the frequency of these cases.

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pleura, from thence opened into a bronchus, and was thus discharged.

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woman in a red cloak advance towards him, and strike him a blow

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tivo inches to the left of the median line, while the

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found a new and useful feature ; for, as far as the com-

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truly conscious of what he is saying, and this is shown by the

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the anus ; fornetimes too, whet* they enter the ven-

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leaf flows into the stem. In fact 14 per cent more dry weight goes

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that in a large series of cases the average death-rate would

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fact that the father lost approximately 20 pounds of

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The total of deaths, according to the post returns, is 13, viz : 3 offi-

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severe small-pox, scarlet fever, etc. Nor can we consistently

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The disease is more apt to appear among those who live

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to be illogical and unwise, with the knowledge we at present

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