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Consequently, there is very little distance intervening betwen the

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As in all infectious diseases, there are atypical and mild attacks. The

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addition of the reagents adequate amounts of salt solution were

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vation when listening to six didactic lectures on as many

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crasy. Of late several authors emphasized the role of food-idiosyn-

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out good reason. It is said to contain more pus and more bacteria than

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atmosphere, warmth favours diaphoresis, cold repels it.

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its own hue. Being entirely aloof from this scene of excitement, totally

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and messenger of man, with a velocity of which lightning is

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dead, the womb has by it's own force driven out the

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fully tried and after its sound-conducting powers have passed

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University; M.D. 1970, Medical College of Virginia.

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Ordinance. — The City Council has passed an ordi-

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undertaking I flattered myself I-could be of some service

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inadvertantly allowed to pass the proof reader. We as-

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temperature, lOP Fahr. The characteristic pea-soup stools were present,

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most interesting and instructive character, and not only did I

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aspirin three times a day, aspirin plus dipyridamole, 75

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the respiration, only to be heard at first on the most attentive listening, but gra-

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obstruction to be dilated should have been perfused with

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labor progresses uninterruptedly. In many cases an intense

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municipalities. The status of any Federal health organization will

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I. To drill the tip of the tongue by practising the articulation

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marks attainable will be distributed as follows : — (a) Surgery, 1200 ;

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certificates to all osteopaths who successfully pass the regular

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of its power, since, as Dr. Richardson has shown, other substances of the

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