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abscesses are embolismal inflammations, resulting in the forma-

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consist of dilated vessels with exudation of leucocytes, and destruction of

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if especially the reaction of stercobiline (rosy, red or purplish)

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Do you suppose that you treat amenorrhoea in the same way

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or oat straw again at 8 p.m. The feeding, grooming, and

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be sufficient, a warm alkaline draught is the best addition, such as

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Here the epileptic paroxysm* take the place of chills,

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a passing pain attack such a person, and therewith perhaps an unusual

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to any considerable extent, — but is attributable to general maras-

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more or less difficulty or straining in micturition, being most per-

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phatie depiosit were removed in sixty-five minutes. '

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was withdrawn without securing the foreign body. Under careful

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work in both Botany and Zoology is being placed more and

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teur va communiquer, dans ce qui suit, des observations qui gagnent

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Let us suppose that the constipation has resisted the use of all

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from the tunica vaginalis, and exactly resembles that found in the

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pally used in rheumatism — the carbonate of potash being the arti-

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the uniform hyperplasia of the epithelial lining. This photograph does not

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its vesicular murmur was feeble, while in the right the disease

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they germinated and grew was considerably prolonged. Whether this

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from a slight cerebral apoplexy a few weeks previous,

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a still greater dosage caused a continued increase of the pro-

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driven fox as in that of a fox killed while in a state of rest. Since

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upon various subjects." " When medical men," he told the jury,

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series of cases in which chloride of calcium proved to be an excel-

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fairly claim that much. To more than that I lay no claim, and

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the small intestine, with the exception of a few inches, was thus

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anatomy of the bony ring through which the encephalocele pro-