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DEARBORN, John G.,2 Wood St., Charlestown, Boston (Tele.

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ing the body, the ventral surface of each egg is turned backward from

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natural order. When the brain is the organ the subject of this af-

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tioner, etc. None of the essays have the true ring of

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disease as met with in early life, based mainly on hospital ex-

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introduction of the intestinal tube, may all be used with

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therefore, peculiarly liable to cheesy degeneration.

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Fernando M. Canino-Pont Adoloh J. Nadworny Arthur B. Coltman Ernest H. Heydt

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bridegroom, and a red one to the bride ; these were knotted together, and

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in a similar condition in almost all diseases attended by much emaciation.

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changes will lead to regaining of lost weight over the long

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usually chronic progressive course, often persisting until the end of life ;

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receive more than 30 lbs. daily of the mixture, a month

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slaughter-houses or where rats abound should be subjected

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together, the book and the work which it represents

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Company have made one for the Hospital at a moderate cost

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never since been able to maintain himself or to engage for any length of

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February 12 — General Surgery Review. Everett Fri Contact: Pacific

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ally, a fine granular appearance. The line of demarcation between

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