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wound has been dressed for the purpose of removing the wire,
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England's pride in the physical strength of her yoimg manhood
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Surgeon and Lecturer to St. Tliomas's Hospital, London, and to the Children's
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method, by the catheter, and his own widely used air bag.
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acid" will no longer receive it of 1 per cent, in France, 2% per cent.
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He pressed his hand to his heart, groaning piteously, if that could be
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required for the Diploma in Public Health this work is an
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riage-tax, which in spite of efforts to secure its reduc-
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Army Medical Regulations, and special rules are laid down re-
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pharmacist can supply them in a variety of package sizes.
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ble agent in all cases of neurosis accompanied with congestion of the nervou-
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Clinical Method. The use of the kymograph and pneumograph, and
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firm bandage. On August 2d, the patient was returned, the
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struggle, and with the aid of vigorous persuasion and suggestion
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Stimulants, external and internal should be used freely.
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months, as Surgical Internes for the second six months,
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fier (Rev. dc C/iir.) describes an operation for the radical cure of crural
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The disease reached Mexico in 1520, with troops from Spain, and the number
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Diphtheria, — In the Medical and Surgical Reporter for June 30th,
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almost constantly. The difficulty of breathing was the
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excessive numbers in the lymph nodes and visceral nodules, and in
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