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heated and rarified by the sun, and the reflection of his heat

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medical text, the image is copied from a woodcut in Vesalius' De tiumani corporis

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its use. But it is well known that diabetics should

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mode of ubtajning the influence of radianl heat It is sometimes agrees

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certain paralytic affections, especially amaarosi& Having been found

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ing plants, indigenous in Mexico, the West Indies, and South America.

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gardens, none of the chamomile of the shops is produced in this country.

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of that bowel, and chronic inflamniaiifm and ulceration of its lining mem-

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tinued firingl The influence of sound, as a stimulant, is

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to establish their importance for the mortality of mice kept in the

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In the degree in which they possess the stimulant property they differ

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vatery ingredient. The mea^s by which it may be accomplished are

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Thus procured, the chloride of iron is in crystalline fragments, of an

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extremely tenuous walls of the capillaries, and is in like manner enabled

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It is intMlorous, bitter, soluble in 100 parts of cold water, and requiring

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specifically immunized animals. The mortality ratio of the zymosan

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a thenpeatic point of view. Indeed, Ibis idea should be carried out in

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the atmosphere. Every one knows the fatality in the low

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sensibility, delirium, stupor, and coma» are usually the last effects of the

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Tlie offidna] Bxlraci (Extbactum Quassijb, U, 8.) is a very efficient

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ment (BrO. and For. Med, Bev., July, 1838, p. 221.) Several men

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vantages. England, however, gave birth to one incompar-

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eflFect asked to apply it alike to subjects that in-

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societies and increased facilities for travel, I am

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the same colour when over- heated in distillation ; but it may be obtaiaed

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we may be allowed to hope that the time is not far distant

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copper, because less corrosive, and than tartar emetic, because less seda-

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atropia in half a fluidrachni of reetilied spirit, and afterwards mixing the

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tion of the moderately luxurious with sedentary habits that we are to J