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ing fathers to cause their wives to become public prostitutes, in order that
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r cotics). Necrotizing vasculitis, paresthesias, icterus,
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urinary sediment without results. Tuberculosis of the kidney could,
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known or treated syphilis in which a positive result is obtained with
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but dangerous." That statement, language, and sentiment I never en-
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Lawrence, George Brown, and Ray Woodliei. Fourth Rou: Robert Hooper, Gary Chambers,
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an acute intestinal obstruction, in his forty-sixth year. Born at
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diet, ice or heat locally, as best can be borne, opium and salines form
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mation ultimately stops entirely, a thing which becomes ob-
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talis for these conditions. It will enable the right ventricle to
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tion will often be very difficult, and vastly important,
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Remarks on the Case. — The diagnosis lay between local perito-
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patients. On the basis of their meta-analysis, the re-
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is almost entirely of large medullated fibers it differs markedly
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which there is little, if any, variation from the normal. Two cases
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survivors from the experiments already described, with their con-
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stimuli arising in an irritated focus in the respira-
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it have suffered a notable alteration of structure. It is still,
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Treatment. Secure perfect quiet ia a dark box, safely
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becoming a horse, and that he should act like a good, sen-
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December 6, 1914, certified to be suffering from diphtheria, on the
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the frequent implication of the hom-secroting structures,
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out of the abdomen at right angles to the body, and en-
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with the undertaker developed the fa(;t that the em-
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cipal river systems of India. In the hilly or rocky, and consequently
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tendered to Drs. Moore and Lewis, for their attention
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menace public health by polluting sources of water supply, but
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13 Bartbolonifei Cahrohj, ' A\(pai3T]Tou ' Avaro/xiKov, 4to, Genevse, 1604.
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ten years, wheu he came to Quincy. He was prominently con-
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had also attacked the right hand slightly. The eruption was present
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examination by a State Board, or even both, necessary to its
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deadens shock. The spinal cord is likewise protected by a bony case,
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tube containing the malleasa in such a manner that the point of
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by bringing the fingers in contact with the mouth of the womb, it
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made, was the fifth Caliph in succession of the House of
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are done in a small amphitheatre (generally used by