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the injury is inflicted on the inner aspect of the limb, and at
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cultures of the typhoid and tetanus germs. Allied to
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of the chief factors tending to produce outbreaks of cerebro-spinal
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depressing it is to most of us to be told that we look ill, though in
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irreparable mischief may have been done by the poison, which may prevent
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1903a] < J. Comp. Path. & Therap., Edinb. & Loud., v. 16 (1), Mar., pp.
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the small intestine, with the exception of a few inches, was thus
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sailing-vessel is to be preferred if the right type can be got, but
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ing and increased salivary secretion, and is made one to
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patient suffering with chronic mitral endocarditis, cardiac hypertrophy
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sion to hospital, the temperature was always subnormal ; there
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late, that the same is too frequently ignored, even
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go to bed at nine o'clock, and awake quite well, to go through the same pro-
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the surface, to prevent their family bark from striking it. Foundering by
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the nose tends to diminish the nasal resonance, and
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further trouble, and it has remained quiescent, as when you dis-
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most outstanding honors that can be given to a young medical
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exceptional cases observed by these; while good and weakly men
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tuitous services, as has already been observed, than any other class
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nervous disease (for example, in chronic epilepsy), one
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Ckem., vol. i. pp. 310, 313. Syd. Society.) The solid consti-
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plate- of the brain are good, on the whole', but there
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sound ; or if the hand be placed on the corresponding part of the
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anything into the stomach. The vomited material varied, in mild cases
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w"ipf>pss. Some have used tar water ; others praise
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OS to paj its expemet, kt them haTe the kindnew to tell os so; mad
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lowers the arterial pressure increases the dicrotism and quickens
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In a succeeding paper in the same journal, Kossel, along with
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right falsehoods, and believe they w r ere fabricated by the authors them-
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as well as the defendant and witnesses sat on the other side.
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ria and croup 16, typhoid fever 16, measles 12, whooping-cough
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Metatarsus, amputation through the. By G. W. Topping, M.D 215
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guide to the axis of the bony canal, the axis-traction forceps, which
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J.HE Psychiatric Forum was established in 1948. It aims
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There is, of course, a distinction to be drawn between the
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had an anatomical tubercle for three months, and the
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basic or clinical sciences while matriculated at the
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and internalization. 15 Internalization of the toxin occurs
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may feel dry, but the patient does not complain of it being sore. The