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Fractvre of the Trochanter Major. — Dr, F. W. Wabrkn : The specimen

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which lies nearest to us must ever have the first claim ; and

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thing else, while the efficacy of the potash is not endangered

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In all acute cases there are larger or smaller dis-

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Those men had no knowledge of pathology, nor of the action

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should be subjected to great heat either by boiling or

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tration of the ethylhydrocuprein in the supernatant fluid. The zones of inhibi-

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is bad, the features are distorted and the whole body

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stances. It follows from this that, when ferruginous waters containing sesqui-

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itself felt in every pregnancy. There are some cases on record

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to obtain that perfection in sanitary arrangements which is

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this essay by inviting all who are laboring under this mortifying

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nation Station in Lamb's, Conduit Street, and small-pox lymph was

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for press at home the notes made in the field. Presumably not. He

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Owners of tuberculous animals should promptly sacrifice them

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observation, in which bolder practitioners had used caustic potash freely to

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the wrong ear, and states tliat children liave l)een brought to him with the

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and passes through M. The same is true of F2M2F2. From

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any disease, and such as would usually fall under the care of the

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course, if you have to deal with obstinate astigmatism, I

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Ghelman, Bernard. Associate Professor of Radiology.

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Dr. Hall was a man of remarkable gentleness, and equanimity of

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Creator ever made conflicting laws. We may misinterpret them, and our

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roots in medicine, but I have two very special parents and a brother, and that's all I need. We start

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1 ,000, and Bakersfield, with a mean annual rainfall of 15.3

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5. Ure's. — Galls, 12 lbs., gum, 5 lbs., copperas, 5 lbs.,

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refraction, ophthalmoscopy, external diseases, pathology, etc.

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falo, N. Y., December 13 and 14, 1909; Detroit, Mich., March

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after the injection for lung adjustment to have taken place, and finally,

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quickly, safely, and cheaply performed in the patient's house.

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began at Thursday noon and continued till Friday at 6

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