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Birmingham 20 4. Bradford 1(;.3, Cardiff 11)3, Gatesliead 17.1,
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and must be looked upon as a septicsemic process. Again, it is possible that
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riage-tax, which in spite of efforts to secure its reduc-
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in formaldehyde (formalin), and which have the property of being
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Dr. C. Garre, of Basle, 87 has written an interesting
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In kinking at the duodeno-jejunal junction I fix the
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zation is to foster a desire for further investigation
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numbers, under suitable conditions, in a few minutes. Their te-
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have more to record in the matter. Personally, I am disposed to be
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formation regarding the flow of blood through the viscera. It is, how-
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Taunton once, and the doctor t'.iere showed him round,
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placed on rectal feeding, complete rest in bed, and nitrate of silver
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excitement of the former is readily extended to the latter. For the
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and withdrawal of a sound, as recommended by Bardinet, does
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bacteriological examination at entrance. Most of the cases came from tene-
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It is needless to remark that isolation is the only protec-
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other tissues. An efficient and certain method of producing
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in those, cases in which the diseased tissues cannot be satisfactorily
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closets, bowls, sinks, tubs, etc. — as nearly as possible in vertical
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asthma always follows a decrease of gastric irritation, but
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contaminated with moist faeces, and in contaminated drinking
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rhage then appeared over the central portions of these lesions and
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cutting off each flower. This count gave 9,902 flowers to the bush.
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It is evident that the amount of carbon dioxide expired and of oxy-
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