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levodopa (l-dopa) therapy
madopar levodopa benserazide 250
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infectious in a limited sense. The disease is generally believed to be
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headache, Mr. Helmcken, of British Columbia, sent him two powders,
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a few hours, or it may not appear till one, two, or more days after
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11. Herter and Richards: Med. News, New York, 1902, 80, 201.
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one. [Read Apr. 3] <Proc. Am. Phil. Soc, Phila. (173), v. 42, Apr. -May,
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urinary tract and the gall bladder was ordered to confirm the
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of Copaib*! containing each 10 grains of Pore Bslssin.
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determination. A small part of our dream was coming true-
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presence of a continuous pyrexia up till the terminal depression just before
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I consider it a very great privilege, gentlemen, to be allowed
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Medicinally we treat the symptoms on their merits as they
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Pediatrics. B.S. 1968, Hunter College, City University c
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of deaths recorded is almost entirely due to the excessive mortality in
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the child may live, the life of the child will be placed in
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