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B. Hill, on the contrary, believed a limit unwise, be-

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A feiv General Considerations in regard to the Prevention of

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times, but not constantly. She had frequent attacks

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The same proportion may be observed in cattle, from

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tagion. Even in such countries instances of apparent contagion, with

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when he arrived she was lying in bed, her face betraying great anxiety.

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Section 1. This Association shall be called The Xew York State


ally has derived that complication from noxious bacteria

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Per., 217; Euripides, Helen., 360; Plato, Protag., 354B.

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exactly the same for all salts with univalent cations regardless of the

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11. Amount of Caffein in Coffee, and its Action on the Body. — Dr. Aubert,

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attained 82 per million in 1888, an increase of more

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out injury. No similar overheating of the body need be induced

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