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finished, a tube or catheter passed into the trachea and the lung in-
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If this fails and the artery cannot be tied higher up, amputate.
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Antitoxins or antibodies are specific substances that measurably
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the performance of operation as soon as the diagnosis
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next examination on 13th September, one month later.
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tagion. Even in such countries instances of apparent contagion, with
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One's whole life might exhaust itself in studying the
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ures, and a short review of its applications and the principles
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it is necessary to examine the urine microscopically in these cases.
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fluence of syphilis once acquired is felt through several subsequent
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gion. It may have its own peculiar laws regulated by
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In attacks subsequent to the first, the gouty person is subject to
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the abdominal and the other by the lumbar incision.
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spleen. The liver is 1.5 cm. above the costal margin in the mid-
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are in reality sarcomatous. Clinically gHo-sarcomata may be considered
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ventors, it may be said that there is some truth in the
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prevents the exportation of certain desirable breeding animals
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Be sure to write me for prices before buying your Furniture. Every Article ordered from me will be
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acid, permanent. Soluble in 83.7 parts water and 4.14 alcohol.
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ence of which in different positions of the humerus is obvious on consideration.
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Lesions of the parietal lobe. — The parietal lobe includes the