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stituents with an excess of mucin (see " Jaundice ").

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gelatin chloride is transformed into gelatin nitrate.

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milder course than blennorrhoea caused by the gonococcus.

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began to suffer. He felt weak and lost his appetite. He grew worse ;

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i^Macallum, A. B.: See Fitzgerald, M. P., Proc. Roy. Soc., Ixxxiii, B, 56.

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He said that tlu^ central zone of the disease is the lymphoid tissue in

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as far as practicable. Night nurses when on duty all night as such

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elaborate series of investigations and experiments, in which he was

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rupture of the bladder. When there is none secreted, as in Purpura

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we have seen, only 4.1 calories are available against 9.3, obtainable

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practise neurotomy for fear of producing persistent paralysis of sensation.