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Semeiology. — When the meninges of the cord are first affected the

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In mild weather the sheath will be washed occasionally with warm water

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times in the case of thyroidectomy great stress has been laid upon the

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Judged on this basis alone, essential epilepsy deserves

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Waring (see Therapeutics, 1866, p. 140) strangely says :

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begins, it turns dufkifh or livid, and the fubcuta-

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rapid, and on the fifth day the friction was felt for

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may not have been entirely uniform in character, sufficient evidence is

14. which (s) condition is the drug lisinopril used to treat

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mulate above the palmar fascia and between it and the skin,

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the President, although the Association had practically

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dropsies and as an antiscorbutic. Dose: -j to 4 drachms.

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is performed. It is then followed by a new and thorough

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In the course of conducting its study, the Committee found

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can be no doubt of his ability to secure at least temporary union of the soft

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43) as a sequel to* previous bacteriological work on this subject

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lations, or with greatly congested and rough mucous membrane, which

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Three additional successes during this war are reported by Dr.

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