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fatal cases of these intoxications bacteria have been found in the organs of
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One is prepared from various strains of the influenza vacillus such as has
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or four hours in the following form : — -I^ Quin. sulph. vel hydrochlor.
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inert substance, but that peculiar and extensive diffusive
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It is quite possible that during the same year the disease was also imported
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all types of apparatus. Some investigators took the trouble to weigh
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may be the only symptom of plumbism ; but in other cases colic, wiist-
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an aseptic irrigation, and this should be followed by one with antiseptic prop-
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that he repeatedly found in cover-glass specimens from the urethra diplo-
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The natural heat proceeding from the heart consumes that
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occasionally in the atrophic forms they are dry and shining. In both forms
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organs. Tumors of the bladder are now successfully removed,
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joint. Early in February signs of increasing cardiac dilatation
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Ralfe's well known test reacts when considerable peptone is
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father's house being situated in the timber, on the
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several absurdities, are still at the present day the
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almost as large as before, and a solid mass in the lower part of the
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Where this condition does not obtidn, a portion of the lung may
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many cases, and thought the plan heroic, if not barbarous. In some cases of
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diet, while in mild cases the difference between the two diets was even
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Medicine facilities. Two years experience is preferred,
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properly sustained." — [Magoon's report at the Prov-
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certain time they will apppiir id the ficces; but th«ir asaimilative proper-
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not possible, for the lx>dy itself was too amall, and I
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human energies. The subdivision of these activities
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tence : so that we shall endeavor to avoid writing anything for
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sels fifteen to thirty minutes before bleeding. The peptonized blood or
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rabbits are completely prostrated, the only evidence of life being a
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pendicitis is identical with a circumscribed peritonitis. The question of
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careful study of the material, both from the pathologic appearances and
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I regret that no microscopic examination of the blood was made at