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disease it is only too probable that not much confi-

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fore the American Institute of Home- MURDOCK'S LIQUID FOOD IN VOMIT-

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the burden imposed on us by the immigration policy of the Federal

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there has been a real infection with virulent organisms

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said it was not diphtheria ; it was croup and was not

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greater) performed all the general diagnostic functions listed;

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Dr. H. BouUand, thinking that tannin — which acts on the re-

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Art. 176. — A Case of Injury to Upper Portion of Spinal GorcL

lioresal 5 mg nebenwirkungen

Emeritus Staff, New York Hospital. B.S. 1942, Harvard

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theria is suspected or probable rather than to await bacteriologic

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Causes. An unhealthy (septic, etc.,) condition of the

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smoking-car, which was behind, was coming upon him.

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sibly only a few of the fibres are stretched, the rest

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neurologic deterioration, intractable pain, or cauda equina

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rounded mass within the abdomen. Handling the tumour did

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Flint for more than forty years, during most of which time we were asso-

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Thin, nervous people, and all who wish to increase in flesh, may

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causes a rise of blood-pressure will also cause contraction of the

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diversity of the clinical pathologist’s interests to-

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mation of the part. The symptoms produced were regarded as

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