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gullies, and the water has to find its way along the sunk areas.
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some of the distal joints may generally be observed: although
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variations in the effect with variations in the cause, we must
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chloroform of John William Dent, which took place on March
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life so hard, robbing it of simple pleasures, and bringing it,
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raltar has signified that free pratique will be granted to vessels arriving
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teresting notes are made on lingual paresis in stammerers,
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owing to the complimentary dinner to Professor Yirchow
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the ranula. The boy experiences no pain, and but little in-
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Salisbury, at 2 o'clock. Papers will be read by Messrs. Coates, Willcox,
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the methods of examining the ear. As in former editions,
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rises abruptly to a great elevation and the locality be to the
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made it a condition that his report should be accepted by Mr. Harness
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resting summary of Mr. Herbert Spencer's views on Natural
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subject and new lights for the investigation of a form of
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in prosperous course in Wales, and he had that diy placed in
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place where the sarcous elements are situated, is the situation
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84 years of age, shrinkage of the hypertrophied prostate and
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•risk, as the walls of the cavity would not so easily fall to-
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Circus. E C. -Surgeon. Applications to W. K. Taunton, Honorary
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and tlie different foreign countries. The last of these is the
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the rich person could have, and, as far as he could intluence
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are in all probability slight forms of diphtheria; and further,
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Holland OCiIlvie, Thomas Alfred Ollivant Langston, Richard
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paralysis, dysphagia, dysarthria, etc., and that the affection
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between ordinary crimin.ils and inebriates pure and simple.
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to resiiscitate him — injection of ether, application of th^..
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Iheu mixed with as much distilled water as w;is uecessary to reauce them
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if it were present in non-organised parts, such as an egg, it was
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ently with different reagents ; and in some cells there are
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4. The formation of enzymes, such as pepsin and trypsin, is preceded by
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on the respective offices. He concvirred in what the author
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Society in its representations to the London County Council,
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the Rev. Wm. Vassie, B.D. , minister of Castleton, Roxburghshire
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Council of the Association at their next meeting, asking them
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his chest and a troublesome cough. His tongue was thickly
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eyes of those who are unversed in legal subtleties. X prisoner named
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Clarke used it— in an epithelioma were what had already been
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M eteorolo^ical Notes.— Theiollowingmeteoto\ogica.lnoteshaTe