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Some of these springs were frequently spoken of as " spas " or

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apparatus is more or less variable in development and tone.

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1880 v.— Idem <Salute: Italia med., Genova, n. s., v. 14 (35), 16 die, p. 278.

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is growing steadily. Residents want the best in specialist medical care.

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of Dr. Hughlings Jackson and others on this obscure condition are dis-

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could with difficulty be retained in bed : she could not walk or,

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cattle throughout the United States, laws should be enacted in

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when general pleurisy developed on the same side, with serous effusion

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duction. The fact that one has reached its sixth edition

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For the cure of this disease, first mitigate the pain with

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hand, it is not well to encourage them, he says, because even in the best

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A university, to have any right to such a title, must

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