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Penny, Dr. G. T., Stanley House, Oakfield Road, Upper

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shown in Table 2. Failure to find a physician who was

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destructor and make money for the ratepayer. We still dump our

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ing to age. Unfortunately, there is very little uniformity of system in the

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signs the diagnosis is frequently difficult. In acquired atelec-

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brain. The most prominent brain symptoms are loss of conscious-

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For Boots or Shoes. — 1. Paste. Ivory black, 1 tb., treacle,

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able to imitate the operations of nature in the production of

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This was the first time I have ever had a chance to prove

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the time of the doctor's return, she may exercise va-

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typhoid or diphtheria, then its elements would engender disease

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Blane contrasts the discipline and internal economy of British

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As a control two dogs were given large doses of normal rabbit

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has sometimes a cold moist cadaverous feeling from relaxation

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globules. I am not aware. Gentlemen, that a similar injection of the

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the point of the base of the tumor, and a small - sized exploring trochar

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had been promptly removed, stalls disinfected, the hind quarters

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Later the needs of the population demanded more remote sources

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Venice also has a twenty-thousand-dollar ($20,000) aquarium,

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liundred were shut up ! — The respectable part of the community

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and adhere so firmly to the foreign body that they can hardly be


to grow darker, and his strength seems gradually failing. His bowels

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and of which one portion is-as good as any other ; so

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said to be shorter than the B. anthraeis, although it has like square or concave ends.

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cerebral tumours are congenital in origin. The rare instances of dermoid

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of only a portion of the nerve-fibres, and occasion-

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close, stuffy rooms. Apart from the various affections which may be the

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