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and Oral). Assistant Attending Oral Surgeon, New York
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State Health Insurance — C. J. C. O. Hastings, M.D., M.O.H., Toronto.
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It has sometimes happened, especially in recent times, that
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may become pathological without essential change and that normal
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The application of cold to the head has more influence in the
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normal child, if given special training suited to his intelligence,
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remember that had been protracted several days, labor was progress-
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There were no calculi. Death followed in four or five
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the treatment by the antiseptic process is contrasted with that by
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very painful upon manipulation. In two weeks, under daily treatment with the
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In this connection I would say that I believe a slow
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the dam, want of exercise, premature birth, or anything
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similar lack of development. John Thomson of Edinburgh (^■'')
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This necessitated the raising and holding up of the foot of the bed some
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both in the form of the ventricular complex and in the duration of its
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the ulcer, are useful dressings. In the irritable form, rest, elevation of the
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Freudian school, in the mental phenomena of ordinary and morbid
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of disintegration, and free nuclei. Among these, at places, there can
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true surgeon. "Whilst a student, I had the benefit of observing
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against this pernicious enemy of the souls and bodies of mankind."'*'
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nutrition of which is impaired by obstruction to the circulation ; fourthly,
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A homelike place for rest and recuperation, Modern con-
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Symptoms. Sudden illness, with sore-throat and extreme
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patient department, was greater now than it was ever before. It was stated
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of Dr. Hughlings Jackson and others on this obscure condition are dis-
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As the result of my OAvn work it appears that three species of micro-
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if as the patient lies in bed his arms are fully abducted and rotated out-
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much success, but as in these cases the wound very frequently
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passes down the oesophagus into the paunch. The character of the
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Elective and optional courses. — A certain number of courses, especially in the
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very small, their diameter being about 1.3000 of an inch. The
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vored with pure cistern water, they suffered as severely, if not
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