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much to do with its occurrence. Infants under the age of eight

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agglutinate fresh additions of Shiga-Kruse bacilli, while its limit for the

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the various lengths by a scale and make a numerical computa-

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until their contributions are run through the separator, and then haul

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all the symptoms of pressure upon the medulla. It was at once

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health succeeded, and at last, well nigh worn out, he sought

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known to microscopists and medical practitioners, which consist

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prepare in the home, this food was given with about 8 per cent, dextri-

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ical evidence is proverbially uncertain ; but it can not be denied that

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ministration should be in charge of a person thoroughly qualified for

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constantly being purged, most often succumb to the disease. This table shows

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filled with accumulations of choleraic matter which swarmed with

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body, or where the skin is removed, inflammation is excited, which

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existence. We shall, says Mr. Rutnsey, to proposes the following test for the presence

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nia — ^fracture with wound of the flesh) Theodoric is manifestly pre-

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any specific book is allowed. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner

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per cent, of albumen in her urine, who had a convulsion. He

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of the eye, the condition is one by no means ideal as a cure for

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not take these teas in large portions, the smaller the

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lege is to be congratulated upon its wise selection.

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alone entiues to discharge, the certificate of the Surgeon

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Harvest bugs are the larval forms of various Trombidiid mites.

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that but few observations upon the specific gravity

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sort of thing occurring. Disinfection of saddles, blankets,

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able part of the tumor were sewn to the abdominal wound. On March 7th

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1 Fowls Nos. 508 and 509 died from ingesting the virus of this disease. No. 480 was

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2. A photograph of the liver of pig No. 3, showing the small tubercles on the

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adherent and friable), and of its tributaries from the cortex —

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Other changes have been made in relation to government, and the con-

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parts of three leeks, three sprigs of lemon thyme, some par-

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occurred, a certain amount of post-mortal " self-diges-

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to secure the complete expulsion of the fluid from the

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