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12. 0303, and 12.0304 of the ISMA Bylaws; and be it further

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vas Dr. Bruce K. Wiseman, chairman of the Ohio State

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Tetanus, which sometimes follows the bite of a dog, may be distinguished

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has not seen those terrible results in patients, caused by the

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the disease were not heat-stroke, but the early stage of some specific fever — pro-

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ployed, the bandage not being tight enough, or the meddling of the patient.

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Executive Committee, but it constitutes, de facto, a pri-

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When the arms become involved the patient has difficulty in executing

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edging, however, the near relationship of rodent ulcer to cancer, I have but little doubt that it

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the generic term phthisis are included many different mala-

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seem that the cause of the diminished platelets was due to their destruc-

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of all artistic claims, ugly in appearance, productive of backaches

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Beth Israel Medical Center are presented and conclusions are drawn

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Tyndall also discovered that the mucous membrane of the air

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Petersen, Edward W. [Adjunct Prof., Surgery, N. York Post-Graduate Med.

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produce a perfect gentleman you require to begin with his great grand-

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education for one and all of them, and a uniform grade of examina-

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Too great stress cannot possibly be laid upon the desirability

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gans, the teeth, are found. It has been said, and with a

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49, Irish, married, is a molder. Father was an inebriate. No

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facilitated by pressing the soft parts, especially if the wound be

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cover his hand with a bladder, and afterwards wash the hand with soap and

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part of the work 1 per cent, of dextrose was used, while this was later changed

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the child growing daily weaker and more emaciated, creating

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nessing several operations instead of one, has at last, I believe,

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withdrawn from cause and matter of dread and busy thoughts. And

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