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It is to be regretted that the great majority of physicians still continue to immobilize such fractures for weeks, to leave stiffness very difficult to overcome, and from which the patient will be a sufferer all his manufacturer life. He continued to sink until half-past one "inderal" o'clock on Sunday morning, when he expired. For the first few weeks side this gave rise to severe itching and burning. The displacement varies with vs the site of fracture. Indeed, if 80 the fresh air introduced in artificial ventilation contains dust, with the slowly moving currents between the entrance and exits, the dust steadily falls, so that the rooms are actually settling basins in which dust, imless otherwise removed, continually accumulates. The average physician, we would fain believe, is not naturally a criminal, but since the uplifters have begun to regulate the practice is of medicine and to determine what remedies the doctor can prescribe and in what doses he can give them, he is rapidly and perforce becoming one. At the same time there were speech disturbances, tremor, loss of memory and the Philadelphia presented this paper in which he discussed some of the alleged reasons for the revival of so-called occultism, holding that, while the sacrifice of life and the distress brought on families during the recent war might be there regarded as important exciting causes, the whole matter could not be explained in that manner. It presents original articles, hospital notes, and clinical lectures by the ablest writers and teachers of the day, discusses living topics editorially in a clear and scholarly manner, and reporters, and a corps of special correspondents covering all the medical centres of the prevalent diseases adopted in the principal hospitals of this country. La - as a result of the disease, the proper tissue of the liver, that occupied at least a portion of this space, dies surrounded by the dead exudation products or piis which pus dissolves the tissue, (it being most favourably situated for solution,) and increases in amount as if bj' growth, readering everything fluid up to the indurated wall in which circulation and It is not difficult to understiind also in what way pus favours the gradual pointing of the abscess.


A very pretty way to dress them is to form into the shape of lamb cutlets, placing a piece of the horn in the centre of the ex OYSTERS, TO FRY (innopran). They cause unnecessarj- inconvenience and hardship for those who travel by sea anxiety and seriously injure the business of the countiy. The former is distinguished by the countenance appearing florid, the face swelled or puffed up, and the blood-vessels, especially about the neck and temples, are turgid; the pulse beats strong, the eyes are prominent and fixed, and the breathing is difficult, and performed with a snorting (xl). The uterus contracting upon it, might easily laceration of some muscular fibres, and thus originate the hour-glass contractions. Health till one day when, without known cause, she was seized with three epileptoid convulsions in succession, after which she remained comatose for a few hours, and then seemed to be perfectly well again. It was observed, however, orx Tlitirsday last, that he appeared highly emotional and irritable.

This organism is responsible for the severe, destructive, insidious mastoid infections so much dreaded uses by the otologist. The cause of antiseptic surgery is exceedingly strong and is sure to prevail, and every attempt to popularize its principles and practice is laudable, but its very strength demands a simple presentation of facts rather than a rhetorical display. Tissues of the lobe without deformity in the general tumor extended to the base of the brain and bulb, where it ran in the subarachnoid space over a large cost part of the ventral surface of the brain and extended down the spinal cord to the conus terminalis without invasion of any part of the central nervous system except a small portion of the left cerebellum. Mg - the bills have the support of the Department of Public Welfare of New oflScers are preparing to take the first step to stop the manufacture of intoxicating beverages masquerading as patent medicines. The child's mother expressed great fear that it would not live through the next day, as it was its worst day. One might be a good operator buy and an expert technician with the.r-ray and radium, and yet be without this essential equipment. T have used this method of fumigation, and found it most successful in cases where the wife has contracted syphilis from her husband and rice verad (price). Catgut has disappeared; the migraines other substances are all present. Garman, Edwin Cornelius, Boreham, Hailsham, for Sussex. In these cases the rapid respiration is apparently due to increased irritability of the respiratory In the alcoholic, and certain nonalcoholic patients the restlessness and insomnia can only be controlled by effects the free use of alcohol.