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(mineral pitch) near to the presumed spot, telling me at
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to be illusory. Neither acidulation nor coagulation was delayed, and it was
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most of these cattle are too well known to demand any
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spirited citizens, with a view to bettering existing conditions and initiat-
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nutritious material from the blood; without this arrangement the
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of localized tenderness in the epigastrium. The diag-
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total proteins and albumin rise and the nonproteins fall with the
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strains. Brown^ observed a limiting acidity of pH 5.1 to 5.4 for human strepto-
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23. From its composition {water, sugar, alcohol, ether, tannin, and salts) wine,
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dition, and, even could the end be clearly foreseen in
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grateful application. It is almost a specific for ring-
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to rankle, or when or how the poison of smallpox first
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of the cleft in the ordinary operation for cleft palate.
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it. The time to bestow all priceless gifts on the little one is before
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tire length of the cord, or be limited to the cervical region.
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dwelling and disinfects the same with chlorine gas..
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woman. The extreme part of this cover, which I call Prae-
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breath are not uncommon. Constipation is usual, but, often,
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from gardens in this country, is found in waste places and along roadsides from
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of medicine in the colonies. The subject is net forth
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all employes to show a certificate from a dentist testifying that their teeth
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stituents with an excess of mucin (see " Jaundice ").
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to work miracles, as he did in his life-time. He either
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Something has been done. The Senate has adopted a resolution in
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weak solution of carbolic acid the wound was well washed out, the fluid
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in this way, as has been frecjuently proved. An instance
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lowering the reservoir the fluid in C is allowed to run into the bulb E.
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traction was being made— a movement which would indicate a