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in the Uretlira and Presentation of a New Instrument for

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1900 a. — A report of two cases of filariasis. Operation for lymphatic varices and

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non-escharotic in its effects. It causes no immediate or

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abstract of remarks, 26 gennaio] <Gior. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, an. 46

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stimuli arising in an irritated focus in the respira-

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than hemorrhagic) and in such diseases of other or-

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course tlie chemical properties of the fluid, which has exuded

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In still v|arger doses, it acts in the same manner as the

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tionary of a similar character as soon as he began the study of for-

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stock has considerable to do with early maturity, but not

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§ 2. In consultations no rivalship or jealousy should be indulged ; candor,

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for sixty hours, and refused to leave his post till the last wounded man had been evacuated.

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and, as respects Man at least, the precursor of Darwin

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tudes of climate must be enjoined. In these cases benefit may be

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in apparently good health meanwhile, he entered the

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tending down into the lumbar region, where it was perhaps more evident

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system and practice, I sholild be rewarded for my trou-

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affections of the parenchyma, and therefore points secondarily

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necessary to do a phrenicotomy in combination with every pneumo-

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amphoteric amino-acids and proteins would tend to preserve a neutral

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and growing finely — a woman in the city who had lost her child, having

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long, lateral, divergent awns, and are slightly shorter

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This organism seem to be allied to the blastomycetes.

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rynx appeared to be in a relaxed state, I directed the daily ap-

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less confident than Dr. Thomas, I am by no means so doubtful as Matthews

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decidedly inflammatory in its local manifestations. It is quite

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On assuming the chair, the president elect briefly expressed

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this condition the invalid remains for some days when

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tion doubtless did measurably promote the oxidation of

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scarlatina. The precursory symptoms were almost the same, although

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spiral nerve ; no attempt has been made to repair the nerve if it lies

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system in general, or by a disturbance of the functions of the

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Alcohol of 90 per cent, strength, or a solution of two parts of resorcin to

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cross of Devon in it. One of the most essential points in