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may often be given with advantage in conjunction with it.
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Tonga is a product of the Tonga or Friendly Islands, and has long been used as a domestic
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Physiological Considerations. — The delicate and complex nervous
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but the phenomenal success which it has achieved in so short a time is sufficient evidence
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fourths of an inch long, and as wide as the urethra.
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rather have his cigar than a model pulse. " Tobacco hearts " are
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increased vascularity, with thickening and softening of the membrane, and of
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indicate obstruction to the excretion of urine. They generally
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floor nearly or quite to the anterior border of the cartilage.
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The following case reports are submitted in detail, having features
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telephone reminder studies? West J Med 1 993 Jan; 1 58:44-46)
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rarely, the irritation extends deeply enough to involve the sensory fibres,