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peculiar to typhoid jaundice is absent. The kidneys are usually the seat of

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is followed by broncho-pneumonia, which, in the majority of cases, within

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tion. This manipulation is suitable for the reduction of backward dis-

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to the shoulder. It may occur in two locations, through the neck, or

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3. Beading. The date of the examinations is fixed by the Bector of

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the muriated tincture of iron used as a gargle will often give great relief.

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fast as well as through the day are almost certain to develop cirrhosis of

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mucous membrane being swollen and congested, the solitary glands and

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completed within one week. Secondary fever is slight or absent. Again,

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mur of aortic stenosis is harsh, that of mitral regurgitation soft, and often

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in the liver is diminished, then the passage of bile through the walls of the

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tissue. Thus hyperplasia of the adenoid tissue is the essential patho-

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small, feeble and frequent, perhaps beating 140 or 150 per minute, the case

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last-named instances there will be more or less obstruction about the region

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effusions do not materially differ from those already detailed as marking

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when heart failure is marked and is accompanied by pulmonary congestion.

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Prognosis. — The prognosis is always unfavorable, death occurs either

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are severe, furnishing a mental picture of the ordinary case

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sary condition for the extra activity demanded of the unaffected portions,

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of nu'reurials. But with our present knowledge, it is dillicult to say

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precedes the exudation — there will be noticed a feebleness and unnatural

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Sometimes, because of these agencies acting, the deformity will

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It becomes dilatation when cardiac failure supervenes even in the small-

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artery forceps, it will be found brittle and will break off. The elastic

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cult. Fluid effusions in the joint may lift the head of the bone