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promised essay * on Syphilization in Syphilis and Leprosy.' It is a modest pamphlet of

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the Faculty and also a bust of Dr. Bigelow, the Emeritus Pro-

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save her from certain death, is unscientific, unjustifiable, and

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In case of a restless disposition and inability to sleep

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the two Houses at Washington, they might serve a good

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never follow it. Our friend from whom we have already quoted

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mythology, that it is impossible to arrive at their

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the blood was of high specific gravity and contained less

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also from the Hartford City Medical Society, inviting the Conven-

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indications of suffering acute pain when he was touched on the

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all primal types of resting nerve cells on the same level. Upon

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10 Dii. Park — A Prolonged Case of Enteric Fever.

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very quickly and the patient feels relief for the time, but

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not use, so fixed are their habits and modes of living.

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except the mammalia, also contain a large amount of phos-

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you often see me prescribe in the wards. I prescribe pills, in each of

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These seem to me to be the only approximations to differential

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During the last six years he had several severe attacks of

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had not been reported. While the toll of death — (2,315) — may be

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doses of from lo cc. to 25 cc, and its effect may be obtained

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and the condition of the skin. Large scales of epidermis 1 to 2 centimeters

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We are often accused of being sticklers for etiquette. " Don't

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to be won in these fields infinitely higher than any which war can offer ; for

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Cyclopaedia of obstetrics and Gynecology. The Pathology

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honor and the noble traditions of the medical profes-

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affected. Partial or total blindness may arise, in one or both eyes ; most

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favor, and that the average of life has actually been increased.

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crupper above cincha on top of saddle, and remove the saddle; the saddles

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also gave these reactions, but not so readily as the liver. On

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drops of the tincture of opium, after a bowel movement.

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of a deep-blue color and can be very distinctly seen when examined under

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kettle should not be less than 250 feet per minute over its entire area

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thickened, infiltrated and hot. Bupture may ensue if it is

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very loud systolic murmur heard above and below left clavicle ; weaker mur-

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Committee appointed to take into consideration the changes, if any