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had four miscarriages. Patient had been well until within

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Siiri^cry. iii. p. 51)0), after a fair trial of iodoform

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cles as to the identity of scarlet fever, scarlatina,

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days" extension leave of absence from May 27, 1910,

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trente jours. Bulletin de I'Academic de medecine. 1910, 21

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of sterile distilled water, and o.i c.c. of this mixture

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Symptoms of peritonitis developed early, necessitat-

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Service at the meeting of the Seaboard Medical Asso-

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satisfactory results of open air treatment at Welles-

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without having to reach over or beyond the patient.

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fection. It acts specifically for lues with a rapidity

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previous investigators, to ascertain the maximum fatal

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; October 5th some decrease in intensity; October 22d,

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Thur.sday, December 15th. — New York Academy of Medi-

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ator, nurse, and patient, that are liable to be touched,

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into an animal that animal becomes to a certain de-

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tional or organic disease or dyscrasia ; no local in-

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organic acids: digitalic, digitalcic, digitaloic, digi-

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and general increase in size of the uterus is not in-

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steadily more pronounced. Four days before admission

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local accidents can be avoided by employing a care-

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