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formed ; skin may be used to cover in the wound, which liefore
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19. Pollak: Arch. f. exper. Path. u. Pharmakol., 1909, 61, 149.
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land.^ Cases have been reported in England, Germany, France,
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The Ophthalmological and Oto-Laryngological Section
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without presenting any projections or inequalities. The spleen only
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Lieutenant C. N. Meador, Medical Corps, United States Navy.
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the ulcers on the feet and hands become the seat of large warty masses.
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and what therapeutic means will most effectually arrest or
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.Obstetrics and Gynaecology: A study of ectopic pregnancy, with a
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and able to perform household duties, though previously an
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supply. When a decerebrate cat, for example, is made to breathe an
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was succeeded by disinclination to sleep, and the pulse, which had always be-
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wherever situated. After the hot iron has been applied,
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presence of albumin (head and Heller tests), its amount as
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human ract^ especially those living in changeable climates. There-
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In speaking of this simple operation, it is not my intention to ad-
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with materialism. It is not the materialist who devotes the best years of his life to his
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March 3-6 — North Pacific Pediatric Society. Seattle. Wed-Sat Contact:
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38. Small white argas, magnified (Magne and Baillet) .
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we would find, in opening it later, that the intestinal contents
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Infirmary ; Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women, School of
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We must not forget that every measure that makes for a higher
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In addition, when funds allow, it is proposed to have a large central
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precipitation test, but showed only a thermal reaction of 102.4°
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even in a carriage — to a slightly higher altitude, and