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( IViener kl. Woch., No. 12) relates that in a case of fatty
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if the muscles, during the first few days are not outrageously irritated
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gave our first injection. Ever>' day there was something new
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and constant change in the medulla was marked dilatation of the
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If they are very seriously hit, they may be taken to the dug-out
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the ulcer, are useful dressings. In the irritable form, rest, elevation of the
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invasion of the liver cells has not been determined. No sexual cycle
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The lower portion of the sacrum is red and inflamed, and here
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drinking. The impetuous terror inspired by the sight of water
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Wilson, Secretary and Treasurer, and G. A. Anderson, Sergeant-at-Arms.
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ends of both central gyri. Middle portion of first and
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by the word ; secondly, because the degrees of arterial tension
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plate- of the brain are good, on the whole', but there
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and teats, which about the eighth day passes into a pustular
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156, Santillaria galimculata. Hooded willow herb, class and order the
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the external ring. It is necessary to occlude the canal at
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It follows from the above considerations that the conductivity of a siib-
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shrinking of the parasite. This condition is rare in material studied from calves
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arms, the abdomen, and to a slight degree on the face.
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shows that fewer infectious complications and cannula oc-
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trator, Chemical Dept., Presidency College, with whom he has,
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reports that the rainfall at that place was 1.86 inches on 14 days,
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and then rising again. It may be difficult to say whether we have an
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gate the intestines in the same way one would give an anema, is to ignore III
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the tonsils, as has been demonstrated experimentally
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has been offered for this absence of secondary, degeneration of the nerve
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A lady was walking one day from Penrhyn to Falmouth,
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February the names of all Fellows who are two or more years
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that post for one which would not make such drafts upon his strength.
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he would be bold to the degree of dogmatism who would maintain that
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Fiat mistura. Signa. Two teaspoonfuls every two hours. In