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{American Journal of the Medical Sciences^ October.)

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renal capsules is supposed to cause the peculiar bronzing

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following, and there 'is everr reason to believe that

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contracted the disease. Before the diseases were separated this must have

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Med. Journ. 1890, i. p. 231. — 77. Mills. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1890,

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a great deal of his time and energy. He still, however, nominally lectured on

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of larval and adult Amblystoma, comprising more than 150 speci-

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% [We have great pleasure in referring our new friend to the March num-*

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(effective January 1, 1978) a transmittal letter or a separate

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K. E. Latterell, anesthesiologist ; Dr. W. V. Knoll, pa-


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grown horses a sharp crack of a whip will startle the

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profession being made into a state service. Dr. Hattie was good enough

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light complexion, who are often unusually bright, the decline in

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toto the aoooonta «f diflwent obsenrert jto perceive that the .contests -of the vttteoaa to all the IndlvMnala are

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well understood and carried out in England as anywhere. In my

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baud, the proposal that the first year in the profes-

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bowel, brought it out by the anus, and tied it.f This was also tightened

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other side of the valve, I was able eventually to overcome the

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haber, who has carefully studied this question, thinks that it is improbable

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of human suffering which had resulted from its reintroduction into modem

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in no way can it do so more advantageously and justly than

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successful in producing the diminution of tlie swelling and causing them

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Should not the pus be evacuated in a similar manner, and the

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chronic interstitial nephritis might exist without svm|>-

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drowsiness, often preceded by giddiness, dimness of sight, and pain

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leave to suggest," and " almost thought ; in fact, on the whole,

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raviyed immediately, and has been well ever nnce, with the ezoeption of a swollen leg, which

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gards as a contraindication on account of the danger

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