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of a decidual membrane on the 20th inst. Laparotomy was recom-
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in a semi-lunar direction to the lower end of the opposite sterno-
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extent in the hands of general practitioners, and it would be natural to sup-
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causes a great diminution in the muscular powers of the lower ex-
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subsequently questioned. From this state he passed into one nearly resem-
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covering the kidneys. In children, inunction of the skin may be
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from the outside, a large sized wash bowl being filled one and a
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land district. He leaves a wile and six children. To bis only
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search was made with a fine probe passed into the sinus, aided by
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lished treatise on the same theme by his master, to whom indeed this
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an honor to be enabled to add something to the span of human existence.
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Vinton, Maria M., A.M., M.D., Medical School Inspector, New York City; New
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trolled EPS can be performed safely with minimal complica- i
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placentae with velamentous insertion of the cord. — Dr. Fordyce showed
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Medicine from a regular medical college, shall be entitled to the certificate of
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of this disease essential and major conditions, and typhus, like cholera, ought
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polished, the profane and vulgar with the chaste : unless they are
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cal profession may rightly look for practical work of a
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During sleep, there is only sufficient blood supplied to the brain
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was consulted by a practitioner who had been unsuccessful
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the writer has referred. to she asked the girls what they thought the
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and excluded many worthy practitioners who might otherwise attend
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slow pulse, are most important suggestions, even in the prodromal stage
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husbands of such women. ) We note that they often escape many of
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dorsal vertebrae ; recovery. Medical Circular, London, 1853, Vol. 1,
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dollars per week. Private rooms are provided for such as
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Fig. 134 is regarded by Henderson as the best and is also
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tients, when they do badly, we have the evidence of