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that this aggravation represented an attack of duodenitis, the
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from the body, then water will be as effectual here as
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Laennec' has insisted upon this point, but in a somewhat dif-
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icteroides were the same as with Bacillus cholerce suis; that the same lesions
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are all indicative of grave attacks. For diagnosis the extreme tenderness
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all practical purposes, it is generally sufficient to exhibit the results
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morbid anatomy and diagnosis, especially the latter. Here is
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it may be, and whether an operation has been performed or not,
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12. Wolpert : Ueber den Einfluss der Lufttemperatur auf die im Zustand
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Board of Health of said city such lauds situated on
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little fingers. The middle phalanges appear somewhat shortened and widened
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These suggestions were accepted and acted upon, forty shillings
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beauty and happiness, now a mass of broken walls and loose
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"dollars." [The addition beginning /n case of sickness or financial mis-
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" The Sweating Process. In this process, the excitation of the whole
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N. E. and S. W. direction. There are doubtless others,
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Having dipped the bougie in oil, preferably in a mixture of
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Nelaton among his chiefs. He took his degree in i86i,the title of his thesis
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late the disease which they tend to cure, and has thus heen
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The condition of the sick and of the military hospitals,
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Gueniot, Tarnier, Taloczinow, Susserot, Neuss, and Lefour
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of the cerebral lesion, apart from occasional spasm of the right arm, were
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The Richmond Dispatch has the following to say of Dr. J. W.
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to the same regiment and had all drunk water from the same