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cause of its death can he given except the pressure and

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The Medical Digest, or Busy Practitioner^ s Vade-mecum: being a

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The Treatment of Fractures of the Humerus involving the Elboio-

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moist, assumes its natural colour ; refreshing sleep ; and a

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compounds — is specially important to the medical student.

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action during all that time ? Certainly not. The proper answer

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fever by inoculation is entirely chemerical, I took upon myself the re-

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JSheiric Ejcamiruxtiian, — ^There was some difficulty in de-

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patches ; in chronic dysentery the ileum is often pale and notably atro-

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She gave a history of no improvement after four roentgen-ray treatments,

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latter the flesh, examined after death, was found by several

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nant tumor are derived primarily from the same cells as are the

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and cat, and in the individual parts of the lingual tonsil in man ;

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Various tissues of the body, like the parts of a machine, are

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of the superficial set. In the second stratum may be placed the intersipinales

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The account generally given by the people is, that before leaving

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Misce. This preparation is said to be more active than the sul-

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Pentland, 1888. — 5. Idem. Tfi£ Distribution of Tropical Diseases in Africa, Edinburgh, Clay,

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The clang of the gong, which has just resounded, sends the

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through which they are expressed. Scientific thought now turns