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and suppurating. The entire portal system within the liver may be involved

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irritability of the part of the cerebral cortex to which

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the Secretary of the Section to which they pertain.

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and gradually fades after two or three days being followed by a branny

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tions on a competitive basis. Residents receive their training at University Hospi

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There is an increasing desire on the part of breeders and

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those areae where the macroscopic appearance of the tubal mucosa

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kept scrupulously clean and all uncleanly and slovenly

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ized it. Hence in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons

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haste and found my patient sinking rapidly. Under the use of stimu

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Dose for horses and cattle to oz. dissolved in water. For

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liquid ventilation it provides gas exchange and decreases

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of both legs and the next day there was paralysis of both

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administer. It is usual to give from one thousand to two

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of an anaesthetic. Chloroform is the agent ho usually employs

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relations with their clients and of humanity toward their patients

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If a solution of blood be exposed to the air for some

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From that time on his course was uneventful and he left

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were very unlike in these properties or in the intensity of

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carriers may be insects such as mosquitoes or biting flies

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and difHcultyof breathing developed at times to suchadegree

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tory it was not reported in detail. There was thrombosis of

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numbers in the smears. The later the disease the less likelihood there

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die if left to nature. A good many such cases verified by