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Prize Medal Paris 1900. Still; half gals: Sparkling: quarts and pints.

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nition of the quality given by Dr. Ames ? Here it is : " Its effects

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The instruments in most common use for this purpose are bougies,

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results as serious and as certain , but more slowly and with less

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overloading the stomach. The case which in the bowel, care in the kind of diet, time

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the features appear sharpened or shrunken; the skin preternaturally

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as the influence of the brain or spinal system is intercepted or

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That herpes circinatus is contagious, is, I believe, now gene-

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there is no disease from which any race lead by painters, etc. It is very interesting

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mottling is due to a discoloration due to degeneration of a zone

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of water, they continue to drink until paralysis prevents them

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In the sections of the tissue in which the fungus appeared

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ture of phosphorus given in doses many hundred times as large as

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To accomplish the first desideratum may ly all in an anemic condition, some with

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of the ear. The gentleman alluded to could only have seen the

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patient affected with phymosis, when the meatus externus is hid-

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tinguished Editor, Austin Flint, M. D., published and distributed by his

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changes in the first group may be seen as earh- as five days

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Bureau of Animal Industry. 1S99. p. 638. (Full bibliography).

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those fitted for medicine is higher than in d'spose of the bodies by burning to prevent

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baked wheaten flour, of which one teaspoonful is all that should

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in extent from case to case. It may be uniform over the

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water thrown on the part before the renewal (sparks), massage, and the free use of

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4 A.M. she wakes up with heat at the stomach and vomiting of

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English observers may have underrated the period during which

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in bed, and keep the knee covered with spirit lotion. On the

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much best given in the form of full-flavoured and potent wine.

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may be carried by birds which have the disease in so mild a

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The frequency of the disease in different countries is referable,

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for double salpingitis, probably of tuber- pig's peritoneal cavity. If but one supply

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results as serious and as certain , but more slowly and with less

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— impossible for them to absolutely contradict — that they little

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rett, Dodeur en Medecine. Sur la Migraine. Paris : 1870.

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in a basin of water at 60 degrees, is wrung Space will allow me to report only two

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belonging to either group. The divisions are as follows :

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