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in the thriving village of Evanston, near Chicago, where

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those females who are predisposed to phthisis, and that the

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. edition. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea's Son & Co.

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of syncope ; retching from two to four times during night, often

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cal importance as " Labor and Capital before the Law," " Rail-

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ings of clinical experience, which are continually furnishing

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At 3,000 metres : 300 metres, French shell ; 279 metres,

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Medical Jurisprudence in Bellevue Hospital Medical College from

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ing drugs, in preference to the traditional maxim of augmenting

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Cervix Uteri : Results of Its Treatment by High Amputa-

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belladonna, for its special form of congestive headaches ; and so

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The accusation of working direful mischief to their patients

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It was this old and honored institution which conferred

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Dr. Slacer, shortly after reaching his eighteenth year, married

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The subscriptions were mostly limited to one dollar

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dren born to them: Madeline S., born February 19, 1883, died in

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('53), New- York City; Professor A. C. Cowperthwait, M.D. ('69),