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rickets, both in the early and late stages. In palpating the liver,

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distended by the blood being forced into them by the contraction of the

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membrane, and later to deep crater-like ulcers with raised margins and

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guarded against, and a tumblerful of water during dressing before break-

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who would not consider it if it involved a general anesthetic; tliis

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In the primary or idiopathic cases an autopsy is seldom obtained, and

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who would not consider it if it involved a general anesthetic; tliis

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circumstances if the uterine contractions become weak or irregular the

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ment is possible in modern civilization is shown by the few

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The student, in order to acquire a working knowledge of the P. mala/rice,

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from the chnical and experimental work that has been carried out by

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The identity of scrofula, or the enlarged caseating and suppurating

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the failure to distinguish between gout and the true arthritides of the non-

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occurring hydremia. If this is so, and if we believe that dietary control

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There is a form of lead poisoning in which the small muscles of the

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stump formed by a mass of tuberculous tissue, the infiltration extending to

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employed in paste or in solution made from powder or tablets.

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gentle purgative like castor-oil can do no harm. A solution of tannin is

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Kecovery from large doses has taken place. The principal post-mortem

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weeds and seeds are frequently present with the wheat grains, such as

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3. Growth of, or faeces in, the hepatic flexure of the colon

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chronic inflammation. Other cases have been published showing the

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carried out over a period of time undoubtedly assist in restoring the

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cases, however, where the denudation and destruction of the basement

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Incision. — It is so easy for the practitioner to fall into the error of

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examine such person and report or certify as to whether lie is nv

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however, be conspicuous by their absence. Insomnia is a frequent symptom,

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concentration as in the blood. Bladder urine collected at the same time

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the prouce of the cow and the afs, or the mare and the bull.

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the same. In many cases there is no history of any exciting cause, and the

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always diredly againft the wind, particularly if it

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to the confusion of opinion in regard to the drink problem than

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that they are not spores but simply vacuoles, due to retrogressive changes.

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" will loofen his belly, and generally mitigate the

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Pernicious attacks are always dangerous, particularly if not promptly

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on the back of the fingers, hand, or forearm. It is not admitted that it is

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