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swollen, as we saw it, in one week. This I could hardly credit,
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tion of 23 pupils. On September 20 one of the pupils fell ill Avitl
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to observe the effect of scenery upon the nationalities of the
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of ulcer which will stand the test of operation. I have often enough been
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apparatus it-self, does state very clearly its action, which
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contrary, stated that they became arrested when the child's attention was
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bular view of the doses of the principal articles of the Materia Medica,"
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nitis. Necrosis of thigh muscles and venous thrombosis at points of injection.
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putrefaction in five litres of urine — i.e., 1 in
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moment in the young, otherwise healthy, eye as it rapidly sub-
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William P , thirty-four years of age, cloth examiner
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hard, dry cough, difficulty of breathing, and pain in the right side ;
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In the cases reported by Dr. Bullitt, I believe he said he left
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some of which have been converted into low hypermetropia.
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is doubtful if there be independent motion between them.
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word — run into and mingle with each other, so as to be found usually
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This prodigality of Nature takes away the stimulus to industry,
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Let me repeat that we must not be hasty in drawing conclusions
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absence of vascular ramification, tenacious mucus, false membranes. Col-
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of urine, and improve the capacity for breathing, blood-pres-
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<1aj's. He complained of giddiness, headach, and lassitude.