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refuge. A last refuge indeed ! — ^tliere to sicken, and die

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Gesellscli., Stuttg., 1883, xv, 189-192. . SkiasUopie.

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portion of the viscus which the operator should strive

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it seems reasonable not to raise the strength of the U. S. P. IX

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capable of being precipitated by water, a new compound is formed,

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tubercular testis ? We have to consider the, classes of

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on the chest. It is generally highest in the axillary region.

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variance with and even repugnant to one's private belief and

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Thyroid extract seems to have a special influence upon the

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annually to examine the roster of permanent membership,

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and the absence of rigidity, of intense pain in the back and

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Heliotropism is dependent, as are so many of the phe-

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1831, being unable to obtain any fee for twice giving evidence,,

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time, by relapses; several such improvements and relapses possibly

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through the wound which was left open. The head of the bed

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Lecture II. (June .3), Thoi-afic Aneurisms (continued). — Patho-

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• Resolution E (Wood) : Financial support for presi-

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right until such time as the patient would have recovered

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times one has merely to make preparations for carrjdng out this procedure,

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almost exactly the half of a circle whose radius is 12 mm. There is no

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to resist the storm of a sickness, an accident, or an operation." I

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between the sac and pleura. In from six to ten days thereafter the

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from another operation. Dieffeubach,^ Mutter, - Velpeau and

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The discussion on this paper was opened by Dr. E. H. Skin-

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which subsequently became developed. Whilst leading her profli-

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months, when the babe was weaned, an Emmet repair restored the

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:!. The Treatment and Management of Postoperative Tuberculous

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burns, and inflammatory bowel disease is now weU recog-

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mologists, especially in the treatment of Egyptian or military

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brings the elbow in front of the chest with the hand

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in cases of simulation. If the field of vision is alleged to be

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which he calls the levator plate. In its anterior portion this dia-

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which time patient slept (waking during pains, which were not severe),

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Hautkr. in Hamb. 1897, Berl., 1898, 1-9.— Vincent (H.)

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Certain vasomotor trophic neuroses occurring during and after in-