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Women suffer from menorrhagia and if pregnant they miscarry. In

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Treatment consists in laying bare the diseased surface

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original virus from which the modified form was derived. The attenu

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I might call an intrinsic cause there is the additional

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occasional instances of thrombosis are reported. In Bright s disease throm

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founded upon a long course of attentive observation in which there has

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these indications the test of treatment is its effect upon

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of caseation can be detected. Cavitation on the other hand is

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to resort to the use of the tube for purposes of diagnosis

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in fact he became what is called a strong party man in political

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analgesic area began to shrink in addition cold was

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sels their cargoes passengers and crew before their de

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Thames similar accommodation to that afforded by the receiving

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easily intermittent. The arterial vessels are distended

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present four sucking disks and a circle of hooklets. Each scolex is capable

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It is not directly curative except through the fact that removal


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equilibrium about their digestion which is upset by trifling causes

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Case LXXI. A sailor about twenty seven years of age had a

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native intelligence or mental age should incite every medical officer

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born of such mothers are in most cases feeble and gen

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and how in an exquisitely distended or plethoric system a small

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may give rise to agglomeration of the bacilli. But the phenomenon in

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continued in practice until within about ten years of his death

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vance will appear less exaggerated when we know that the Egyptians

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reveals the plainer more natural grain beneath. And at times

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and styptics. Both patients were very much reduced by the loss of