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few days later she was delivered with no symptoms of the disease.
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gain to the bearing in this case is almost too slight to record.
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The highest seroprevalence rates are found in New York City
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Mr. Tull and Gordy Sprenger will comment on the implications
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opening of the abdominal ring. On a close inspection there seemed a slight
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the first time in his life. A specimen of urine presented the next
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carefully considered. Mucous patches or moist papules are common
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extract of ipecac fluidrachms of glycerin minims of spirit of peppermint and.
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ing in the formation of a fistula in ano. For this latter she
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gram which their parents are invited to attend. We have
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cation which continued for three years. It was a very
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compound comminuted fracture of the bones of the right leg and an
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dation of the left lung which presented great diagnostic
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exhausted and shows great lassitude. When jaundice is present the faeces
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children had died of consumption of the bowels. Her paternal
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considered the danger from the shock of an operation much
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circumference. The length of the trunk is in. The circumference
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Sustain life in the same way that sugar would do and is
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The effect it produces is slower and more permanent
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was wholly natural. The activity of the lower oesophagus also
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under my observation exemplified the persistency of this form of neuralgia
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by her treading upon them but there was no appearance of a
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in spite of the most careful medical examination. These
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tongue appearance of the eruption about the seventh day
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The visits made by me during the past year at the schoolhouses