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" In the case related by Frerichs, the liquid which dilated the
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Hepatalgia. — The symptoms of this affection are, pain in the
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of uraemia with dropsy, or of some other affection which
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have the cholera among us ere long, the laity should have im-
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ble. But I think that the mystery can easily be explained.
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be comprehended until the attack threatens serious results.
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troublesome vomiting, exhaustion becomes extreme, and death may occur from
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may impede the onward progress of the disease, render longer the
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Third, a corps of instructors selected for their known qual-
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deficiency syndrome treated with either foscamet or ganciclovir for cytomegalovirus
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in charge by the courts and placed at the very earliest
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will give' those interested an idea of the varieties likely to
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Although dislocation by traumatism, such as torsion or traction, at
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is absent. Moreover, all these tumors of the kidney almost inva-
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molars, the projections being intended to fit between the outer roots;
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operations for their relief. British Med. Journal, September
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are objections to its use. More often than not, the occurrence
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the gray matter of the cord. It is not the case, however, as we have
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are exostoses, the sclerosis following an old inflammatory process,
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delphia to hear Professor Killian lecture on foreign bodies of the respiratory
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urine before intercourse, and place the conical surface of this cushion
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The diagnosis of fatty infiltration is much more simple
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if the muscles, during the first few days are not outrageously irritated
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separate tents or huts ; and probably also to a generally simpler