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observation leads me to form an opposite conclusion ; and I
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2. Imparling Heal to the Body. The methods of accomplishing thif
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employed in this countiy, is still considcrahly used in Great Britain,
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published facts, and from my own personal observation, I shall endeav-
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taken Internally, a« when applied to the surface ; but it is almost never
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ire carried off in the end by the development of a pectoral disease called
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grade of action is exercised only by the soluble preparations. Upon tb«
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just mentioned would answer the same purpose, yet they have not been
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(36.4° C). Within twelve hours the difference was even more marked
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which it may be applied by means of a camePs-hair pencil. The tincture
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differ observably from kino and catechu. Like these, also, it may operate
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The dose of the powder is from five to twenty grains. The officinal
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2. The sensible properties of the medicine, its odour, taste, and colour,
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edifices. They had cold, tepid, and warm water baths, and
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bathe with great advantage in the forenoon who are injured
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several times a day, and continued for twelve or fourteen days." (McU.
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the heels and the calves of the legs, the base of support is
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is not now disregarded by the medical officer, and, in the last
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the system, with a view to remedial effect, they operate most s|)eedily
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3 Barnett et al. 1959. Quart. J. Exp. Physiol. XLIV.