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gins to disappear is not more than twelve or twenty-four hours. In the ma-

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tendency to stupor, great prostration, rapid emaciation, and sometimes by

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cyanosis is more marked. The breathing is labored in bronchitis, and pant-

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well-recognized blood-changes, and especially with those due to a specific

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Whatever is the nature of antitoxin, it is obvious that after the system

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and down over the epigastrium, applied to Dr. Charles Still for treat-

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terized by alteration in their quality. They degenerate, and, as it were,

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entering from abrasions of the nipple, or is cine to an obstruction of the

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As before mentioned, some of the bacteria are capable ot

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heart by an increase in their muscular tissue. This muscular increase may

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Hwnwptysis is jjrceedi'd by brunch iiil or j)ulruonury symptoms, ami

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remains as an inert mass ; but the histological structure of the part is not

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the cellular tissue. The occurrence of the hemorrhages is peculiar to

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tion with a cirrhotic liver. The bichloride is the preparation usually

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Cause. — There is usually an anterior condition of the fifth lumbar.

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long-continued constipation the symptoms of intestinal obstruction are

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on account of dyspnoea ; cyanosis is sudden and extreme, and the symp-

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render certain individuals exempt from diseases of this type, for in dis-

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tissues. The treatment for the case is to open the boils and wash them

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Secondly. What are the effects of such administrations ?

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patient complains of a sense of exhaustion, and perhaps is unable to turn in

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latent in the bone for years. After the abscess cavity forms, it may

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Treatment. — Whether inherited or acquired, the fibroid diathesis is most

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more and more difficult, and with each insjjiration there is contraction of

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to the efficiency of the astringent solutions. Sponges and brushes are apt

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Decrease in the elimination of the solid constituents of the urine is fol-

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to thos<! which take i)lace in other portions of .the tract; hut in duodenal

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testicle seems to predispose to the development of hernia. 3. Congenital

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verted nutrition and the excessive metabolism which causes the increase

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cient reason for the belief that a portion of the typhoid poison lodged in the

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thoroughly saturated with the scarlet fever poison ; therefore it may be

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at which such immunity exists varies with the latitude, and with the idio-

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and their interior is often filled with a shaggy, fibrinous deposit.

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bacteria do ])cnotnite the ti.'^sue.s and arc found in the bluod and .sul^stance

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blood may continue to be expectorated for several days, or the expectoration

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Symptoms. — The subjective symptoms of aortic stenosis are rarely well

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Congenital dislocations should not be confounded with those occur-

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punctured, the needle must be withdrawn and the opening in the vein

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serum. It is sometimes reduced to a mere pultaceous mass.

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present in the body exhalations and the expired air of typhus fever patients;

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the tissues by which the normal relation between the tissues and the small

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F. and in many instances water of greater heat is of great advantage.